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6 ways you're stunting your hair growth

Every time i have a client in my chair i always make it my priority to teach them about their hair in order to support them in making better decisions. I meet many women who want longer, healthier hair, but don't know what they're doing to hinder their growth. Hair growth is holistic and to see true results it takes you looking at your diet, your water intake, stress levels, lifestyle and habits. However, there are 6 basic practices which people have done over the years yet don't understand the level of damage it does. 

 1. Not trimming your hair

To maintain healthy hair its important to trim your ends every six weeks. Although many of us consider trimming to be counter productive, its actually quite the opposite. The impact that split ends have on growing your hair longer is under rated. Every time the ends of your hair splits in runs down your hair shaft and falls off, which causes the remaining hair stand to become weaker. This gives the appearance of hair that is full at the roots but thin towards the end. This is the reason why you may think that your hair doesn't grow, when it fact it does but its constantly breaking and not allowing you to see your hair's true potential. 

2. Not moisturising your hair

Deep Condition

Many people do not understand the consequences of dehydrated hair which causes them to neglect correctly moisturising it.  For curly textures moisturising needs to form part of your everyday hair care routine. Curly hair is naturally dry in comparison to other textures, moisturising with a leave in conditioner is key to length retention. Dry hair leads to breakage.

3. Wearing weaves for long periods

Old weave

Weaves should be worn between four to six weeks. After this time the tracks become loose, leaving a heavy weft hanging off a poor foundation. Add this to daily stying, essentially you will be putting a great amount of tension of your hair which leads to breakage. 

4. Combing hair from roots to ends

Rough combing

Rough styling can weaken your hair causing split ends and cause breakage. For curly hair i would advise using a wide tooth comb or a Denman brush to gently detangle. The safest way to do this is why holding a section of your hair below the root area and gently combing the ends to detangle then gradually work your way up. 

5. Not regularly washing your scalp

Unclean scalp

Scalp care is the part of hair care which commonly gets neglected. In order to support healthy hair growth, keeping your scalp clean is essential. I would advise using a sulphate shampoo which will not dry out your hair but will clean your scalp from excess dirt. When you leave your scalp unclean it effects the quality of hair that grows out your head because the root does not have the correct environment to grow in. 

6. Greasing your scalp

Greasing Scalp

I feel strongly about this one. adding oil to your scalp should only be done as a treatment, which you will rinse off on the day or the following day. Leaving grease to sit on your scalp does not promote hair growth, in fact it stunts hair growth. Keep your scalp clean by avoiding your scalp whilst moisturising your hair. Focus your shampoo on your scalp whilst shampooing. 

There's 6 ways you're stunting your hair growth. If your ready to make a change and learn more about your hair book an appointment for a cleanse and trim. 

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