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Five reasons why wigs are the best protective style

In my opinion wigs are by far the best form of protective styling that allows you to look and feel glamorous, especially after a big chop! Im going to share 5 reasons why:

Easy access to natural hair

Unlike other protective styles using hair extensions, with wigs you have full access to your hair. This allows you to carry out your daily regimen to keep your hair healthy, read our blog about the LOC method if you don't know how. 

Minimum - No tension 

Wigs don't require you to place your hair under any tension. Most people use clips or an elastic band to keep their wig secure. 


By far wigs offer the most versatility. If your anything like me, after a few weeks i get bored of my hair and need a change. With a selection of wigs you have the option to switch it up from curly to a sheek bob in minutes. 

Care free natural to wig life 

As much as i love my wigs i equally love my natural hair. Its so easy to transition between the two. 

Protection from elements 

Cold weather can have a dehydrating effect on natural hair. Wigs help to protect the hair by keeping in covered. 

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