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Keep your wig secure at Carnival!

Notting Hill Carnival is approaching in three days time! This is one of the biggest events in London that we look forward to it each and every year. However, many women worry about their wig falling off whilst dancing. We want to share some tips on what you can do to secure your wig over the weekend. 

Stitch it down

Stitch your wig to the cornrow around the perimeter of your head. This is a quick and easy way to achieve security and it is also easy to remove after carnival. 

Bobby pins

Use bobby pins by sliding them into your wig and through your cornrows. Its good to use two at the front and place a few more in the middle area of your head. 

Wig Combs

Wig combs can be stitched into your wig and slide through the bottom of your cornrows. 

Glue it on 

Lace glue and Got2Be Glue are good adhesives for securing your wig. Please the product on your hairline and shortly after stick the hairline of your wig on to it. This also helps to make your wig look more natural and gives your wig a trong hold onto your head. 

Hope this helps! If your have any more tips share them in the comment section 

Heroine Hair Collection xoxo 

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