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L.O.C Method for Naturals.

The LOC Method is a very popular and effective way to boost moisture levels and retain length. It can be easily used when protective styling with wigs. In this article i will do a run down of the basics 

So lets break it down...

L stands for Leave-in Conditioner

O stands for Oil 

C stands for cream

LOC Is a three step process that determines the type of products you use in your hair and the order which you apply them. 


Start this method by using a form of leave in conditioner. An effective leave-in conditioner is one which contains a high percentage of water. One way of knowing this is to ensure that water is the first ingredient on the list. In this step water is the active ingredient as this is the greatest source of moisture. Another way to add moisture is to add water directly to your hair. Purchase a spray bottle and fill it up with water, what you want to do is lightly saturate your hair - not to damp!. 


The next step is to add oil to create a second layer. Oil helps the hair hold on to the moisture molecules. The type of oil should be determined by the porosity of your hair. A personal favourite is Coconut oil, i love the smell of this multi-purpose oil and i have found that my hair responds well to it. 


To complete the process add cream as a third layer. Cream closes the cuticle which prevents moisture loss. 

Remember this method is wig friendly, it can be easily applied to your cornrows. Be determined to get into a good routine as to see best results this should be carried out daily. Remember dry hair is a sign of dehydration, which leads to breakage. Honestly this method really works! if your not seeing any difference try using a different leave-in conditioner or oil. Im so excited for you to start seeing results! Share your journey. 


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