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Length Retention: How to retain the length of your hair

Length retention should be your main focus when growing your hair longer. It refers to the amount of hair you are able to keep on your head at any point in time. I have found that most people spend a lot of time focusing on hair growth, whist neglecting the important role of length retention. 

Hair growth is about the rate at which your hair grows from your scalp. Scientifically, our hair grows 1/2 inch per month on average. However, this may vary for some depending on medical conditions which effect the scalp - but for the rest of us this is our hair growth potential. Put it this way, hair growth is natural and shouldn’t be something that we obsess over as its part of the way we are made as human beings. On the other hand, length retention requires more focus as it requires us to be intentional about how we physically treat our hair and our mindset towards it. Length retention requires us to drop the expectation of quick fixes and instead focus on commitment. 

If your hair has been the same length for a sustained period of time, without having regular haircuts, its often a sign that you have an issue with length retention. Our hair continues to grow on a daily basis, but if you are not seeing any changes in the length of it this could mean that you are not retaining length. Often this comes with symptoms of hair ‘chipping’ off when washing, combing or styling. 

 There could be a number of reasons why this is happening to you, but I can assure you it’s completely fixable. Follow the steps below to help your hair hold on to its precious length. 

1) Protect your ends

The end of your hair is the oldest most fragile part, because of this it requires the most care to prevent them from breaking off. Hair breaks when it becomes dry which encourages split ends. Split ends weaken your hair and cause breakage. To protect your ends start using a moisturiser that will hydrate your hair. I recommend using a moisturiser in a daily basis and get into a good routine where you implement it into you’re morning or evening beauty regimen to prevent you forgetting. 

2) Trim your ends

Trimming does appear to be counterproductive, I can admit that I used to feel this way. However, cutting my hair was the best thing I could ever do for my hair as this was when it truly started to hold on to its length. Trimming your ends prevents and removes split ends. I would advise getting into a routine of having small trims every 6 weeks. I don’t recommend doing this yourself, even if you’re a qualified hairdresser. I would recommend pre-booking your trims after every appointment in order to hold yourself accountable, even put a reminder of your phone - do what it takes to keep them consistent. 

3) Protective styling with hair extensions and wigs 

The great thing about protective styling is that it prevents you from heat damaging your hair and keeps you from playing with the ends of your hair. I recommend keeping your ends tucked away under a wig or hair extensions for intervals throughout the year. There are so many options available for you to have hair extensions installed in the most natural way to suit your lifestyle. When the ends of your hair are put away it gives them the opportunity to rest and restore. 

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