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Number one hair growth vitamin


Strong healthy hair is a sign of good general health and beauty. To over look the poor condition of your hair is the same as overlooking any other deficiency in the body. There are many vitamins which contribute to healthy hair but one of the main ones known to give great results and combat hair loss is B-vitamins, especially Biotin. Biotin deficiency is known to be responsible for thinning of the hair, therefore taking a biotin supplement will improve the condition of hair. You can find vitamins in two forms; water soluble pills or food. You can easily find pills in common health stores and online which are sold in different strengths. Certain foods can also offer a recommended dosage of Biotin including: 






Egg yolk 


By improving your bodies intake of Biotin you will also find improvements to your skin and nails. 

I personally have used Biotin consistently and found that it worked wonders on increasing the speed of growth and making my hair feel stronger. I purchased mine from Holland and Barrett’s and saw results within the first month of use. 

So there it is, Whether you choose to use Biotin in food or supplement form - if you wish to increase the rate of hair growth and retention then its defiantly worth giving it a go. 


Let me know how you get on! 

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