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The truth about greasing your scalp for hair growth.

Its hard to count the amount of times i've heard people speak about greasing their scalp because it makes their hair grow. This has been a common practice that many black women have incorporated into their hair regimens as it was practiced on them by their mothers and grandmothers during childhood. 

When given the opportunity to discuss this practice women generally say that; 

1. They find they have dry scalp so they apply grease will reverse the effects. 

2. They believe that directly applying grease to the scalp will nourish the hair and encourage hair growth. 

The reality is that grease has negative effects as it clogs the hair follicles on the scalp, increased use only makes the scalp become drier and slows down the hair growth process. 

Grease often contains harsh ingredients such as petroleum jelly and mineral oil. Applying these products to your scalp contribute to dandruff and impact the speed of hair growth. Petroleum acts like a barrier cream on the scalp, this prevents water entering the scalp to provide it with true moisture. What we are stressing is that grease has no beneficial use to your scalp.  

Our scalp produces its own oil called sebum which forms from our sebaceous glands. If your scalp has difficulties in producing its own oils it is advisable that you consult a professional as you could have a medial issue or you could have an imbalanced pH. If you are going to apply something to your scalp to assist its dryness you should opt for a natural oil. Theres a huge difference between oils and grease which is something not many women are aware of. We highly recommend you use to replace all traditional petroleum and mineral based greases with natural oils when treating both your scalp and hair. 

Oils are produced in liquid form and are often based from natural ingredients which makes it easier to be absorbed by the scalp and ends.

If you feel like your scalp needs some extra tlc we recommend using oils as a treatment for scalp, so applying them hours before shampooing out. 

Yalang-yalang Oil is great for dry scalp as it helps encourage sebum production.

Rosemary Oil is a great hair growth treatment and it can also support in thickening the hair.  

You could try adding a few drops to some coconut oil or black castor oil and massaging your scalp. Leave the oil on for some time in order for your scalp to absorb the benefits, sitting under a heated dryer will intensify the treatment. Finish by shampooing your hair with a sulphate free clarifying shampoo and conditioner.  

We hope you have taken something from this and make a change in your hair regimen. Look forward to sharing more information with you in our next blog!

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