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Top tip to grow your hair underneath your wig

One of the greatest benefits to wearing wigs is what it can do to improve the health of your hair and help you to grow longer hair. However, what I sometimes find is that women become very complacent in feeling great wearing their wigs and neglect to take the time to nourish their natural hair. If you truly want to achieve transformation of your hair then you must keep your hair hydrated at all times. The LOC method is the most effective method that will help you to do this, its a three step process which includes using a leave in conditioner, oil and cream.

The leave in conditioner is the first step because its a water based product that will penetrate deeply into the hair shaft and cuticle making the hair look plump and feel instantly softer. To seal this in select and oil to apply on top as a second layer. Coconut oil is a personal favourite because of the results i’ve experienced from using it. The oil will create a protective layer on top of the water and it will act asa barrier, preventing the water from evaporating out of the hair. To finish the process layer up your hair with a cream based product to fully seal I the two previous layers.

Remember this process should be carried out everyday. I would suggest doing it in the early evening after work when you remove your wig at home. This is because you wont need to wear your wig until the following day which will give the products to soak into your hair without the risk of the wig rubbing of the products.


Grow hair under wig

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