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What you need to know about exercising with your Wig

One of the most common discussions I have with women who are about to embark on their journey to grow their hair using wigs is what can I do when I go to the gym. My simple response is wear your wig or take it off! In my opinion wigs are not a big deal and neither is wearing my natural hair. However, I understand that everyone is at different stages of growing their hair and feeling confident about wearing wigs. I want to share with you some ideas on what you can do whilst your at the gym yet still want to feel great about yourself.

1.Wear your wig

If you have a wig that is secure you can simply keep your wig on throughout your exercises. All wigs from Heroine Hair Collection come with an adjustable strap or a custom anti-slip band which makes them secure. I often find that some women have wig anxiety which makes it difficult for them to start wearing wigs, throughout my career and personal experience of wearing wigs I have not had a single incident of a wig falling off whilst working out or in any other situation!. Just remember to give your wig a chance to air out when you get home and even wash it to remove any excess sweat. If your attending the gym more than once a wig I would recommend co-washing to prevent your wig becoming dry.

2. Wear a head scarf

There are some incidents whereby I don’t want to wear my wig whilst exercising. In these situations I simply remove my wig and wear a head scarf. You can buy a nice selection of scarfs to wear that match nicely with your workout outfits.

3. Purchase a gym wig

Its also a great idea to have a special wig that you exclusively wear when your at the gym. This could be an old wig that you no longer wear to work or you could have a wig made for you which can easily be worn to the gym. I would recommend a lace closure wig that is between 12-16 inches in length which can be easily tied or clipped into a bun and pushed behind your ears. Lace closure wigs are very easy to remove and can be fitted in seconds without the hassle of using glues or gels to look presentable.

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