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Which wig should I choose?

Choosing your first wig can be a difficult process. There're so many options to choose from the the benefits of each style is dependent on the condition of your natural hair. In this blog I will be explaining the main types of wigs and laying out the pros and cons. 

Lace Frontal Wig 

Lace frontal wigs are full head wigs which means that all of your natural hair is covered by the wig. It contains a transparent lace panel at the front which expands from ear to ear. The lace is customised to give it the appearance of a natural scalp and full hair line. 

Lace frontal wig, Brown sugar


- Natural hair line

- Lace frontal can be parted at any point along the hair line

- Hair can be naturally placed behind the ears without revealing natural texture 


- Lace frontals are high maintenance

- For a natural finish there is a need to glue the hairline down to your forehead

- Lace frontals have a short lifespan as they need to be bleached to give off a natural appearance 

Lace Closure Wig

Lace closure wigs are full head wigs which use a small panel of lace to create a natural parting. The lace panel can be used to create a side, middle parting and fringe. 


- Easy to use for beginners 

- No glue is needed to glue it down. 

- Great protective style to prevent breakage to the hairline and parting. 

- Great natural finish alternative to leaving natural hair out to cover tracks. 


- Limited styling options

U Part Wigs

A U-Part wig is very similar to weave with leaveout, but with the added benefit of being detachable. They are a great way for a weave newbie to move on to get comfortable with wearing a wig. They are sewn on to a net which fits perfectly on to your hair, you can choose the position of the parting to have a side, middle or no part. 


U-Part Wig


- Very realistic looking, similar to a sew in. 

- Very natural looking weave. 

- Beginner friendly. 

- Can be sew in or made to be detachable.


- Not 100% protective which can cause heat damage in the long term. 

When selecting a wig its important to consider your lifestyle to decide which option would best meet your needs. Check out our booking page to visit the salon and have a wig created for you. 

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