5 tips on being confident trying new hairstyles

Trying a new hairstyle can be daunting for some people. People tend to fear how they will look and worry about what other people think. This article aims to encourage you to step out your comport zone and discover something new.

1. Stop worrying about what other people think.

The fear of the opinions of others is very common and its impact is huge. This can stop you from doing things that would make your life better. One of the best ways to overcome this with regards to your personal style is by deciding that you are dressing for you, your styling your hair for yourself. You will be surprised by how many people will love your new look and equally how many people won't, but you have to take a position of detachment from the love and the hate and only focus on your own opinion. 

2. Take small steps for big change.

Change is frightening in all areas of our lives and this fear can lead us to become stuck in a rut. For some women who have worn black and brown hair throughout their lives, the thought of colour seems daunting. Equally for a woman to start wearing her hair in a shorter style because she has always worn it long is also difficult. In order to make the transition easier it is advisable that you take small steps towards change. Below find some examples;

Colour - A great way to switch from 1B tones is through doing Ombre or high lights. This is a more gradual way to transition into colour. Its amazing how a small change will inspire you to take larger risks.

Length - If your used to shorter styles, an easy way to transition is by selecting extensions one length longer than your usual style. E.g. from 12" start buying 14" and continue to process as you grow in confidence.

Texture - A goody to transition between textures is to go from straight -wavy - curly or vice versa. Another idea is to heat style your usual texture into your desired texture, this way you can temporarily experiment without committing to a new texture.

3. Start with wigs.

Wigs are a fantastic way to see how a new style will suit you without commitment. Play around with different styles and see what your willing to try. We only make custom wigs with are non refundable, but its advisable to try on wigs in a local hair shop them request a professional wig maker to recreate it for you using premium quality hair extensions. A lot of our clients use our bundles and closures to create a custom wig. 

4. Seek professional advise.

Your hairstylist is your best friend when it comes to choosing a style that will best compliment your features. So if your struggling to make a decision on your own request some professional support. 

5. Do what pleases you.  

Remember that hairstyling should be fun. Choose what pleases you, celebrities are a great source of inspiration for new styling ideas. 

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