Bronners Bros Show

Hey Heroines,

So earlier this month I traveled to Atlanta to attend the Bronners Brothers Show. Us UK ladies KNOW that the USA is in the lead when it comes to the hair industry so I traveled across the world to see whats happening over there. 

There were so many celebrities there such as Keyshia (Owner of Ka'oir), Cynthia Bailey (Model and member of the case from real housewives of Atlanta), Arnold Alonzo (Celebrity hairstylist) and Mr Cliff (Celebrity hair stylist). It was a great experience from which I learnt so much from. 

Cosmetology is a very respected industry in the US and I do not feel that the UK hold the same level of value to it. Most of the women I met own there own Salons and invest time and money into perfecting their craft. The rate of entrepreneurship is much higher in the states with stylising launching product ranges from hair extensions to hair products and hosting bootcamps. 

In line with the respect the industry has stylist also understand their value and charge their worth. In comparison to the UK a lace frontal install in the states is up to four times the cost and women happily pay these prices and TIP!. 

I don't feel that the UK appreciates the role of hairstylists and the creativity and labour that goes into it with the outcome of increased confidence and self-esteem. Many stylist in the UK charge £30 to make a wig from their clients. £30! not only is this them undervaluing themselves, but it also makes it difficult for other stylists to charge their worth as it brings down the value of the service. 

To my stylists, please learn to value your work. Invest in your craft to become the best at what you do and provide an excellent service to each and every client. Remember your worth and reflect on some of the stylist that I mentioned earlier to show you the value of your talent. To clients, understand that you get what you pay for, you can't look like Beyonce for £30. 



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