February Edition #1 : Lace systems

Lace systems are one of the latest innovations within the hair industry. Lace systems are the solution to creating a natural parting which makes weaves and wigs undetectable to the untrained eye. Lace systems are still a grey area for some women and for others they find it difficult to decide which system would benefit them most. 

I want this article to educate you on lace frontals and lace closures in order for you to make an informed decision on your next hair style.

Lace Closures
Lace closures were the first lace system to become very popular. Lace closures come in many sizes, but the most popular size is 4 x4. The most simplest way to describe a lace closure as a piece of lace that individual hairs have been ventilated on to. The lace is then attached to your hair in the section where you would have your parting. The greatest part about lace closures is that you can put all your natural hair under your wig/weave which prevents you from having to undergo the painful task of blending. Lace closures are a very affordable product that is a great investment in protecting your natural hair from heat damage while in a weave.

The only downside to lace closures is that they can only be used as a parting and cannot be changed once it has been stitched on your head. However, most of use rarely change our parting.


Lace Frontals
Lace frontals are one of the most recent forms of lace systems. A lace frontal is along panel of lace which individual hairs have been ventilated on to. The panel is usually 13x4 and is placed along the front section of your hair, along the hair line to the middle of the head. Lace frontals are really exciting as they offer endless hairstyling possibilities. Not only are they a great protective style, they also allow hair to be placed in a bun and braids can be created along the front perimeter of the head.

I personally find lace frontals to be higher maintenance than lace closures as they require more daily styling. They can also be fragile due to the processes of customisation (bleaching and tweezing) which is necessary to create a illusion hairline.


So for those of you that haven’t tried a lace closure/ frontal or both, why not do something different and for my readers that have experience of both please share your thoughts on your preference. I personally loveeee me some lace and know for sure that lace closures and lace frontals will remain a staple piece in my hair collection x

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