How to prepare your Natural Hair for a Wig

Wigs are a 100% protective hairstyle. They allow you to express your personal style without compromising the condition of your natural hair. Wigs are easy to use when you know how to properly prepare your natural hair underneath. 

Treat & Trim your natural hair at regular intervals. Treating your natural hair will repair and restore its healthy moisture and protein levels which encourage hair growth. Trimming your natural hair removes dry slit ends and protects your hair from splitting higher up the hair shaft. Hair that looks full at the roots and then splits towards the ends occurs because of avoiding trims. We advocate healthy hair before long hair—always! We recommend treatments and light trims every 4–6 weeks. 

Braiding your hair is the most popular way to manage your natural hair underneath a wig. Simply blow dry your hair, part it into small sections and then cornrow it back. We recommend a minimum of 10 small to medium cornrows going backwards. Make sure your braids don’t feel too tight. 

Wear a wig cap to provide a barrier between your natural hair and the wig. It also helps to create friction between your hair and the wig, thus preventing the wig from slipping. 

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