How to Care for your hair underneath a Wig or Braidless Weave (Micro Links)

At Heroine Hair Salon, we promote healthy hair whilst wearing wigs and hair extensions. We believe that beautiful hair is a result of self-love. Although your natural hair is out of plain sight, we want you to keep it at the front of your mind. 

Wash your natural hair on a regular basis that best suits your hair. Washing your hair cleanses your scalp and hair by removing dirt and bacteria which causes hair to smell and break and can also create dandruff on your scalp. We suggest washing your hair with a moisturising shampoo and deep conditioning. 

Keep your hair moisturised by creating a healthy hair regimen that involves directly applying leave-in-conditioners and oils to your hair on a regular basis. We recommend using the method that involves first applying a water-based leave-in-conditioner, then sealing it in with an oil of your choice. This can be done whilst wearing wigs and hair extensions. 

A healthy scalp also plays a big role in healthy hair. Avoid applying oil directly to the scalp as this can clog the pores. Many women experience dandruff which causes itchy scalp and leads to flaking, inflammation and scabs to your scalp. We recommend using a dry and itchy scalp shampoo to treat the issue.  

Let your hair and scalp breathe by taking regular breaks from Wigs and Hair Extensions. We recommend taking breaks after 12 weeks of consistently wearing hair extensions. Reapplication is optimally done after a minimum of two weeks. Ideally, wigs should be taken off at night to give your hair a chance to breathe. 

Protect your hair at night by wearing a silk or satin scarf. This will help you to manage the moisture levels in your hair and prevent breakage from the friction of your hair rubbing onto cotton pillowcases. 

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