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Hair Extensions & Wigs After Care Advice

This page dedicated to helping our customers to protect their natural hair whilst wearing hair extensions and wigs 

1) Its advised that you should only wear your install for no more than 6 weeks. 

2) Hair should be clean before any type of install is undertaken. We have a range of pre extension services available in salon. 

3) Hair should be free from excess oils. Oil will reduce the lifespan of I-tips, micro-rings and tape extensions - causing them to slip down the hair. 

4) Sulphate free shampoos and conditioners must be used when wearing hair extensions.

5) Wearing a head scarf at night will prevent from harmful tugging of the hair whilst sleeping. 

6) Hair extensions must be gently detangled with a wide tooth comb or brush before washing. Always gently massage the hair whilst washing, never scrub. 

7) Avoid chlorine and sea water coming in contact with hair extensions as this can cause tangling.

8) Rotating hair styles is highly recommended to prevent excess tension on certain areas of the hair for example its recommended that after 3-4 repetitions of the same hair style that a break is taken or another method is used before returning to the style. 

9) Always leave you conditioner to soak into the hair before rinsing.

10) Always use a brush or a wide tooth comb when detangling as pulling can result in hair loss. 

9) Whilst wearing wigs its important to keep your hair moisturised at all time, this is particularly important for Afro hair. 

9) Trims will help to rain length and prevent split ends. 

10) Treatments will help to strengthen hair from the inside out. Helping to prevent slit ends and breakage.