How to care for your Natural Hair whilst wearing Braidless Weave (Micro Links)

At Heroine Hair Salon, we advocate healthy hair conditioning whilst wearing hair extensions. Learn the practices that we promote to prevent damage and enhance healthy hair growth whilst wearing a Braidless Weave. 

 Braidless Weave should be kept in for up to 12 weeks (3 months). At this point, we recommend removing the installation and taking a 2-week break to give your scalp hair a chance to rest and restore. 

Braidless weave should be maintained at 4 weekly intervals. These appointments involve visiting the salon and having the links pushed up and tightened. Leaving it longer than four weeks can often mean the weft needs to be completely removed and reapplied and this increases the chance of breakage. 

We recommend treating your hair once a month. This involves using a protein or moisture treatment to restore the hair. The treatment can be done whilst wearing your braidless weave. 

Our clients love Braidless Weave because of the versatility it offers of wearing your hair in a bun. We recommend wearing your hair down for the first 4 days of your install before styling it in a bun, thus giving the links a chance to settle.  

Braidless weave can be washed as often as you would regularly wash your natural hair. It’s very easy to cleanse your scalp, dry and style your hair properly. 

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