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How to protect your Edges when wearing wigs and hair extensions:

 It’s important to protect your edges from damage by keeping them moisturised and reducing tension. 

Keep your edges moisturised by creating a healthy hair regimen that involves deep conditioning and directly applying leave-in-conditioners and oils to your hair on a regular basis. We recommend using the method that involves applying a water-based leave-in-conditioner first, then sealing it in with an oil of your choice. This can be done whilst wearing wigs and hair extensions. 

A healthy scalp also plays a big role in healthy edges; avoid applying oil directly to the scalp as this can clog the pores. Many women experience dandruff which causes itchy scalp and leads to flaking, inflammation and scabs to your scalp. We recommend using a dry and itchy scalp shampoo to treat the issue.  

Protect your edges from tension by avoiding hairstyles that are too tight and pull your edges. Your edges are your responsibility so it’s important to communicate with your stylist if your hair feels tight during the install and avoid pulling your hair in tight hairstyles when wearing your hair extensions at home. 

Protecting your edges whilst wearing wigs requires a few extra steps. If you choose to apply your wigs with glue, be sure to gently use a glue remover to slowly release the glue instead of scrubbing and pulling it off. 






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