What are Micro Links?

Micro Link extensions are individual hair extensions that are applied to your hair strand by strand by a professional hairstylist. They are applied by using a micro loop that is slid through a strand of your hair, putting in a micro ring and clamping it down with special hair extension pliers.

Benefits of Micro Links

Many Women love Micro Links because they are a glueless, heatless and braidless method of applying hair extensions.

They are suitable for all hair textures, from type 1 European Hair to type 4 Afro hair. We have a selection of hair textures to match your natural hair colour and a specialist texture management system to make your Micro Link extensions blend seamlessly. 

Micro Links can last up to 12 weeks with proper maintenance. We recommend maintaining your micro links on a month-to-month basis. Maintenance involves visiting the salon and having your links pushed up. 

Micro link extensions can easily be washed and help you maintain your natural hair regimen whilst wearing extensions. 


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