What is Braidless Weave?

Braidless Weave is a popular Method of Micro Link extensions. Braidless Weave is the only weave method that doesn’t require cornrows. This method involves applying several rows of micro rings to the hair using the stand by strand method and clamping it down with hair extension pliers. Wefted hair is then sewn directly to the micro loops.

This is a glueless, heatless and braidless method of applying hair extensions. It creates a natural flat weave without the inconvenience of bumps and lumps from cornrows and the damage caused by heat and glue. 

Many women with type 3–4 afro-textured hair choose to silk press or texture release their natural hair to make it match with silky hair extensions or choose afro kinky hair extensions to create a seamless blend. 

Benefits of Braidless weave 

Braidless Weave can last up to 12 weeks with maintenance. We recommend maintaining your Braidless weave on a month-to-month basis. Maintenance involves visiting the salon and having your links pushed up. 

Braidless Weave extensions can easily be washed and help you maintain your natural hair regimen whilst wearing extensions.

Braidless weave looks and feels very natural. 

Cons of Braidless Weave 

Braidless weave is not a protective style. However, this method makes it easier to treat your natural hair as it’s easily accessible. 

Braidless weave requires you to regularly attend the salon for maintenance and removal.

You need to a minimum of 4 inches of hair to do this method. If not you will need to mix it with a integrated mesh closure. 






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